Saturday, 26 January 2008

Artist Trading Cards & the Norfolk Broads.

Today I received these two lovely ATCs . Thank you Rixta! ATC friends are a great group, find them on yahoo!

The bird reminded me of beautiful days on the Norfolk Broads on a hired boat. I always take at least two loaves of bread to feed the Coots that run on the water to catch up to the boats. They are so comical but totally irresistible, they must be the best fed birds around!
If you ever visit East Anglia, the Broads are a place really worth a visit.
There are always boats there to hire for just an hour or a day, or for longer if you want a holiday cruising up and down the waterways, stopping off at waterside pubs for good food .....blissfull.
The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads is Britain's largest protected wetland and third
largest inland waterway, with the status of a national park.
It's also home to some of the rarest plants and animals in the UK.
Be warned though it can get very cold in the winter,
one trip I spent four days and nights on a small
boat and the tinned milk was frozen solid...
and it wasn't in the fridge!
I'm not a fan of cold weather, but it does have one good thing going for it,
I spend lots of time in my warm craft room :-)
Have a great weekend.

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