Thursday, 3 January 2008

Artist Trading Cards

I expected to wake up this morning to a thick white blanket of snow but apart from a light flutter there has been no snow in this part of Suffolk.

I thought I should write a little about Artist Trading cards in case you wonder what I'm on about!

Here goes:

Artist Trading Cards are usually made on a base of card stock but they have been created on lots of different bases including : metal, stiffened fabric, leather, embroidery canvas, acetate, heavy watercolor paper etc.

They can be decorated in any way you fancy, collage, rubber stamping, decoupage, watercolours, pencil sketches, etc etc.

The only standard requirement for an ATC is that its height and width measurements be 2.5" x 3.5", either portrait or landscape.

Just put your details on the back and voila!

The reason they are called Trading cards and the real fun behind them, is that you trade your work with someone elses. No charge, just a straight swap.

There are lots of trading groups on the internet where you can join in a postal swap or join a local group where you can meet up in person.

It doesnt matter what you ability is or the techniques that you use, the joy is in giving and receiving.

You can Google for much more information and ideas pages.

Happy Crafting!

This is an ATC I called "Anticipation Blues" I traded with the lovely Rebecca in the USA and received a lovely card back. Thank you Becky!

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