Friday, 8 February 2008

Funky Foam

I often wondered what to do with
a large stash of Funky Foam
that I was given.
It cuts easily and it's firm.
A hole punch goes through
it like a hot knife in butter.
So.. a great ATC base.
My only complaint is that
glue tends to show more readily
through skeleton leaves!
I really enjoyed making this one.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea using the foam for atc's
now i know what i can use mine for

lilyoz said...

Very nice Stephanie. Try using your funky foam to make light weight embellishments. Just heat it both sides with your heat gun and stamp firmly into it while it is hot. Cut the shape out, paint with black acrylic paint then burnish with a gold rub on or whatever colour you wish

Stephanie said...

Thank you, thats a great idea!
Have a wonderful day, Stephanie.