Thursday, 6 March 2008

Three of my favourite tools.

Which 3 of your craft tools would you miss the most, not counting absolute essentials like scissors and cutting mats etc. ?
This is my choice:
  1. My very old and very well used water brush because I love to paint with water colours and Sparkling H2Os. I bought it a craft show years ago and although its tatty it's still very serviceable.
  2. My mini roller. I love this to flatten paper and ephemera after its been glued on to card. Its also good for spreading paint or glue about.
  3. My ATC window. I cut an ATC sized hole in a piece of heavy duty card and I use it to see what an ATC will look like when its finished. You can layer all your bits of paper before cutting them and it is a great design tool.

Whats your favourite? Please leave comments about your can't live withouts!!!

Happy crafting x


Anonymous said...

i absolute-ly could not live without my long handled tweezers
best thing ever as i am such a klutz and not very dexterous

Anonymous said...

i dont have a fav but your idea of viewing a finnished atc before cutting etc is great thanks i will be borrowing that one

Sandy said...

Love the ATC frame idea, I'm off to make one right now!

Jen said...

I love my Sakura Pens, great for edging and coloring. x

Anonymous said...

I can't live without my flowerpunches.. Oh and my borderstickers:)