Monday, 7 April 2008

Fabric ATC and a Deco

This is my "mushroom" Deco. I enjoyed making the mushrooms from paper and the leaves are cut from a wallpaper sample that my friend Rebecca sent me from the USA.

I have been putting off taking the first step towards fabric ATCs. Its not that I cant sew, just that I havent had the inclination. Yesterday was that first day! It wasn't a very auspicious start. The only thread I had was quite heavy duty as the last time I sewed was when I was making artist bears about 4 years ago and the last time I did any embroidery was in 1969 when I smocked a childs dress for my GCE. ( Now I've given away my age! ) :-)
Added to which I couldn't find my reading glasses so it took me quite some minutes to thread the needle :-)
I had been browsing the internet gasping with amazement at the beautiful crazy quilt work of Pat Winters and thought I must try that!
It took me all afternoon to make something the size of an ATC and then I had to finish off the edges this morning. I have great admiration for our fibre ATCers!!!
I had some iron-on interfacing to back the piece with, trouble was, I didn't realise it was double sided iron-on until it had stuck to the iron :-) Sooo I then had to clean the iron, clear up all the threads from the floor, - well I have never been known to work in anything other than bordering on a mess - and all I got for all that trouble was this poor specimen!!!!
But...... I actually enjoyed it and didn't have to get my machine out once.
I thought of not putting this pic on for all to see but decided that it may give a few people a good laugh and others can look at it and say I can do better than that!
So here it is to encourage all you would be fibre artists, have a go, it can't be worse than my first effort :-)
Did you notice that I said first? That means I'll be trying again because actually I enjoyed it and want to do better next time!

So.... if at first you don't suceed.... don't take up skydiving !!
Have a great day, be happy and go do something creative.

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