Wednesday, 2 April 2008

How I make a Deco.

I was asked to give some basic instructions on how to make a Deco so I thought I would put it on my blog for you all to see.

ArtDecos - basic instructions.
Firstly you will need to make your little booklet. This can be made very easily by taking an A4 sheet of card and cutting it into 4 pieces.
I then mark along one of the short sides of each piece of the card about 1.5 cm from the edge. This makes it easier to fold back the pages when you are working on them.
Rather like a book spine. I use my card folder template.

You can then use brads or eyelets or even ribbon to join the pieces together and you have a little booklet.
To start on your Deco, you decorate the front page ( cover) of your booklet using the theme chosen . It should be clear from this page what your book is about.
On the back page (cover) you follow the theme again but this time you incorporate your details. You put: your name and address and don‘t forget the country!, your email address, and “made via - the group you are in”
Your 4 pieces of card have a total of 8 sides. So you have just decorated or “signed” 2 of them.
There are then 6 pages left to decorate. So 6 different artists create a page in your deco. As the last person finishes her page, she then sends it home to you and you have a beautiful artistic deco to keep. This is called a “homer”.
When you receive someone elses deco in the post, follow the theme that has already been started and leave an identifying mark on the page to show that it has been decorated by you. Some people leave just their name others like to leave name and email.
Try to incorporate it into the design or leave your mark at the edge somewhere on the page.
Email your swap partner to let her know that you are sending a deco on to her and if you are swapping through a group make sure you update the database.
Dos and Donts:
Do keep your deco artistic.
Do make your Deco sturdy enough to put up with being posted several times.
Don’t use any sticky tape, staples, or pins in your work.
Try not to use peel offs or ready made toppers etc.
Do use good quality images.
Use your bookmaking, ATC or card making skills that you have, and enjoy!

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