Saturday, 9 August 2008

Tornado in Suffolk UK.

Our weather here is usually very calm and normal without storms and high winds etc but we had a tornado hit the village on Thursday night. It was really scary and our fence was ripped up and thrown into next doors garden. Also my big Lilac tree split in half and ended up next door too. We were lucky as the house wasn't damaged but several houses in the village were damaged quite badly.You can see the news report here : My poor little chihuahua was so very scared he shook and shook. Our rubbish bin was blown over and many of my pots of plants too. After the thunder and lightening eased I went outside to put the pots back up and retrieve the rubbish and I got drenched from the rain. I didn't notice the fence and tree until the next morning, so the dogs cant run about in the back garden now until we replace the fence. I cant lift the tree its far too big and heavy.I think this is the first ever tornado that we have had here, it has been said that its due to climate change!
The thunder and lightning was amazing and the rain was hitting all the windows around the bungalow at once.. weird! The sky was almost green.

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