Saturday, 1 November 2008

Today is World Vegan Day!

Happy Vegan Day!
World Vegan Day is today, the 1st November, and its also the start of World Vegan Month.
There will be lots of things going on in different areas to celebrate.
Check out this link and find out whats going on in your area.

For some easy to read information of what vegans are etc check out this link:

Vegans, like vegetarians, do not eat animal or fish flesh. However, vegans also avoid eating products that contain eggs, milk and honey. The vegan diet is 100% plant-based, and very healthy it is, too!

Try this blog, its a good read:

I often hear people say that vegan food is boring, well its not any more! Its amazing and there is so much choice out there. 24 years ago I couldnt buy anything pre packed that was vegan apart from some pretty awful tasting soy milk. Well thats all changed, great vegan food is everywhere and Soya milk? ... well its delicious and there is also rice milk and oat milks available too.
Most supermarkets sell vegan food now and often have designated areas for dairy free products, but its easier than that to shop vegan. If you contact your favourite supermarket and ask them to send you a list of all their products that they sell that are suitable for vegans you'll be amazed at the choice.
I wrote to The Co-Operative Society and got a 12 A4 pages back!
Even Costa Coffee in Newmarket does an amazing Soya Latte!
If you ask a restaurant to veganise a meal for you, many are happy to oblige.
Have a great day, enjoy all of November and why not try at least one day of Vegan living!

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