Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Trees and Turkeys.

This is the Christmas tree at my friend Ingrid's house, it looks even prettier when it is lit up! I received a Christmas Card from my sponsored turkey Ollie :-)

He's called Ollie after my dear old Chinese Crested boy who passed on several years ago.

Ollie the Turkey is at Hen Heaven where he will spend the rest of his natural life scratching and strutting in the pasture to his hearts content along with lots of other turkeys and chickens.
He is only a young lad, he was rescued with about 60 other turkeys a couple of months ago.
If you can help Linda and her helpers in any way, she would be most grateful as Hen Heaven is run entirely on donations and volunteer work.
There are some great Calendars available for sale now and the website has been updated recently so there is lots more to look at.
Check it out here :

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