Sunday, 21 August 2011

Felting fun.

Last week was the Sandringham Art, Craft and Sculpture show .
There was so much to see and do but I was looking for the real craft workers.
It seems a common thread that at many of these larger shows there is a majority of bought in goods, they may be pretty but they are not handmade.
I found some really lovely stalls though and was especially interested in the felting demos.
Creative Bumble Bee has workshops and demos throughout the country
You can check out her amazing feltwork at
I bought some lovely merino tops from her.

Two lovely ladies had a stall between them and one was using her felting machine. They had lots of lovely bags for sale and some amazing hand dyed rovings.

This is the pack I bought ~~~What gorgeous colours!

My embellishing machine has arrived, so I have been playing with the rovings.
This is the reverse side of the piece I had neeedlefelted, I liked it better than the front.
I'm adding more texture and colour, this is where I am now.....

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