Thursday, 7 July 2016

Stitching simply

Stitching lots of 9 patch blocks using embroidery thread to oversew each patch together.
It is so relaxing to hand sew and it's so portable.  
I can stitch when I am in the car, as a passenger of course!
I hope to make a cover for my bed without wadding so that it feels and moves like simple cloth.

The back view after pressing.

I sketched a butterfly and crazy cut the off cuts of material then edged with lace. 
The middle just seemed to need a heart!
I am working on a bird centre now and will edge it with more of the patches.
Most of the fabric used is vintage cotton.

I have been gifted this fabulous Egyptian cotton sheet, although this bit is very worn the main cloth is  great.
Time to get the dye pot out!

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