Friday, 8 July 2016

Sunshine ,Indigo and Magic.

The tattered sheet and some other random white cotton off cuts have been in my Indigo pot.
The sun has been glorious and the fabric dyed and dried . I love it, once pressed it will be cut and hand stitched to add to my cotton cover.

 The piece with the leaves on was gifted to me as it was a screen print tester and not perfect. 
I love the randomness of it and it's mistakes add to its character.
I have quite a bit more of it that I will dye another day.

I tied some of the fabrics before immersing in the pot to give a little variation in colour.
You can just about see that the piece on the left is showing a little tie dye effect.
I am looking forward to working with it all.

This is an experiment in solar dyeing.
I immersed some white cotton in water that had a mordant added to it then added oak leaves and some flower seeds.  
Hopefully the warmth of the sun will encourage some magic to happen.

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