Sunday, 22 January 2017

1 Year of Stitching project

My newfound love of embroidery led me to this great project started by Sarah
1 Year of Stitches
There is a facebook page as well just called 
1 year of Stitches 
Each week there is a new folder started on a Sunday for the participants to upload their progress photos, the best thing is that anyone can join in.

This is my first weeks work. I used a vintage linen chair back cover and decided to work shapes randomly and then tie it all together once I have used up most of the space. I started with a circle and then added the heart,  using a water dissolvable pen to draw the shapes so that I could keep the shapes reasonably uniform.

Week 2 and I have added a hexagon and a paisley shape.

Week three and the 3 interlocking circles are in place. 
 Now I have to think of another shape to add , any ideas would be gratefully 

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